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Safe Maintenance

Its always a great idea to service your safe annually. Safes are just like cars, with moving parts that can wear causing lock malfunction preventing your safe from being opened. It is much cheaper and easier to service your safe to prevent lock malfunction whilst the safe is operational. Many people make the mistake of waiting until they can’t open their safe and then calling us.

If you have a safe for business use its also a good idea to change your combination regularly. Many people don’t know how to go about a safe combination change. With Reliable Locksmiths we can service your safe and also instruct our customers on how to go about a combination change.


Prevent safe problems tomorrow and call us today.


Safe Openings

Safe cracking is not just something that happens in the movies. There can be many reasons why our safe technicians may have to open a safe Including, lock malfunction, lost keys or combinations, staff changes, buildings sold with locked safes still in them and many other reasons.

Safe opening is something we at Reliable Locksmiths do on a regular basis. We know how to open your safe in such a way as not to damage it. With our qualified safe technicians you won’t even know they have touched it by the time they have opened and repaired your safe.


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Digital Safe Locked

For fast reliable and expert safe openings, Reliable Locksmiths have you covered 24/7.


Safe Modifications

  • Sick and tired of using a combination or key lock on your safe?
  • Do your staff have trouble opening the safe because of it?
  • Is there not enough shelves in the safe?
  • Do you need a separate locking compartment inside the safe?

Our highly trained Safe Technicians can cater for any safe modification required, including removing old style combination and key locks and upgrading to High Quality digital safe locks.


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