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Locked out of your car?

Locked out of car

Cars are one of lifes necessities but anything with so many moving parts can cause problems.

We provide a 24/7 emergency lockout and re-keying service to all of Melbourne but a lot of our work in the automotive area comes from early detected problems by car owners. If you have an ignition that won’t quite do what it should or your keys are worn call us for quick and affordable options to keep you going. It’s much better to get these problems whilst you’re at home and have time for us to work on your car.

Our 24/7 emergency lockout and re-keying service are, of course, available any time. We answer the phone and advise how far away we will be from you and because we live in Melbourne’s East you can be assured it’s not too far away.


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Some of the cars we work on

Some of the cars we service

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