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Digital Locking Systems

Digital Locks

Digital Locked door, No Keys!

Digital Locked door, No Keys!

Digital Locks have traditionally been expensive and impractical. Todays range of digital locks are affordable, easy to use and even cost effective. Each user can have their own pin number and not have to worry when they leave their keys at home.

Residential Digital Locks

Houses are great for digital locks as your high school kids can get into the house and you don’t need to worry about them losing their keys. You know when each user accesses the house day and night.

Commercial Digital Locks

These can have up to 200 staff with individual codes so if any leave you can simply change that code and not worry about re-keying all of your businesses locks. Digital locks for business are a specialty of ours. We can have one of our trained locksmiths go over your site with you.


Stop worrying about keys and
put a digital lock on your front door.


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